Beauty is everywhere, and the world of beauty technology will soon find a role in beauty too. In line with that, AromBay aims to be one of the known local brands that follow current trends and intend to focus on customer interest through digital platforms.

Let's escape to the world of AromBay… Founded in 2022, AromBay was established by a small team with a big dream to provide local premium beauty needs such as skin care, hair care, body care, fragrances, decorative cosmetics, and oral care.

We began to produce four types of AromBay Eau de Parfum premium scents fragrances with the highest quality ingredients. You can't taste it but can smell, feel and experience the rich scent through your nose. The scent will give a wonderful aura to anyone.

Our products are produced by registered manufacturers, and they have experience in the cosmetics industry for over 15 years.

In addition, our products were certified by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA), HALAL by JAKIM, and wudhu-friendly.

As a kick-start, we became a Presenter of Sheila Majid Big Band Live In Kuala Lumpur 2023 for our brand exposure and engagement with the local market segment. We hope this product will win the hearts of all perfume lovers.

We strive to make AromBay a true home for cosmetics and personal care products through digital platforms where the beauty within is celebrated. Like a home, we want you to feel special, comfortable, valued, and welcomed every time you visit our e-commerce.